Autumn Wedding Invitations

How To Design and Format Autumn Wedding Invitations

Autumn wedding invitations are bright and beautiful and perfect for autumn season. Autumn (or fall) weddings are possibly more popular than the June wedding. Why? Because in most areas of the country, autumn is ablaze with warm, cozy color, the weather is beautiful and conducive for outdoor weddings and receptions and typical Autumn décor is so attractive, easy to work with and budget friendly.
And just as it is with any wedding, the invitations set the tone for the rest of the wedding, so autumn wedding invitations naturally convey a warm, comforting feeling. Autumn wedding invitations can be as formal or informal as you need them to be. Again…it all depends on the type of wedding you are having.

An informal autumn wedding invitation may use pumpkin, spice, mustard yellow, moss green, barn red or other seasonal color for the paper the invitations are printed on. Using dark paper, however, will require black ink and a larger font that has been bolded. Fine-lined script fonts will be difficult to read on the darker paper.

An informal autumn wedding invitation may have a picture, watermark or raised (embossed) graphics on them. Autumn leaves, pumpkins, bare trees, picturesque autumn landscapes or other traditionally seasonal items may be used.

Formal autumn wedding invitations will stick with the more traditional off-white, ecru or pale tan paper. Gold or black ink should be used and any added decorative items on the invitations should be the same color as the paper or the ink.

Wedding invitations for an autumn wedding are readily available anywhere you can purchase wedding invitations. While it might be a bit more difficult to find do it yourself kits for autumn invitations in the store, the do it yourself option is available through any number of online resources. Designing your own autumn wedding invitation is relatively easy.

With the abundance of pretty autumn inspired paper designs and embellishments used in card making and scrapbooking, you might find you have a more difficult time deciding what to use rather than actually designing the invitation. Send and seal and postcard styles are available, too. As briefly mentioned above, the season lends itself to being a popular choice for outdoor wedding venues. That being said, the invitations should not only include the ‘normal’ wedding invitation information, but should include a ‘Plan B’ in the event of rain or a rain-soaked local which would make it necessary to move the festivities indoors. Separate directions, if necessary, to the alternate location should be included, too.

Autumn weddings-complete with the deep, warm colors of the season, radiate a feel of warmth, safety and love. It’s no wonder so many couples choose this time of year to begin their life together as husband and wife.

Inexpensive and Beautiful Autumn Wedding Invites

Autumn Wedding Invitation
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  Autumn Wedding Invitation
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Autumn Wedding Invitation
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Autumn Wedding Invitation
            Front                  Back        Spakling Autumn Wedding
               Invitation Card

Autumn Wedding Invitation
                 Front                                Back

Autumn Wedding Invitation

          Front                  Back
Unique Autumn Wedding Invite

Autumn Wedding Invitation
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Autumn Wedding Invitation
Front                 Back

   Autumn Wedding Invitation
                   Front                       Back 

Autumn Wedding Invitation
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