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Are You Looking For Unique Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Ideas

Bridal shower invitation wording for fun bridal party theme. So it is time to plan a bridal shower and you are wondering what to write on the bridal shower invitations?
The wedding is planned, the invitations have been sent out, the cake is ordered and the venue is hired. There is nothing else left to do but to celebrate one more time with the bride for her bridal shower before she says “I do.”

The bridal shower invitation wording etiquette is simple and straight forward. The bridal shower is usually hosted by the bride’s best friend, bridesmaids or the matron of honor.

Remember bridal showers are less formal than the wedding therefore no need to really stress about the invitation etiquette here as long as you cover the theme of the party, location, time, RSVP information and gift registration details, if any.

bridal invitation shower wedding wording

First and foremost before you structure your bridal shower invitation wording you need to decide what the theme of the shower is, if any.

Nowadays there are hundreds of different themes and this can really help you with the wording of your invite, such as cute sayings related to the chosen theme.

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording 1

Is summer the wedding season, the weather is warm,

The sun is shining,

You invited to a bridal shower tea party

in honor of Kerry Thomas

Bring your sandals and hats for

An afternoon of fun by the pool

On Saturday 25th June 20**

At 141978 Enterprise Lane

Woodbridge, Virginia

RSVP by 5th of May 20** to Catharine Wilson at 703598412

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Sample 2

Please join us

for the bridal shower in honor of

Patricia Kelly

Saturday 28thApril 20**

Guts Cafe, 189 BrunswickStreet

Woodbridge Virginia

Hosted by Down Williams and Savanna Smith

RSVP [email protected] by the 20th

Patricia is registered at

Macy’s and Pottery Barn

Bridal Shower Wording Sample 3

In honoring the lovely bride to be

Samantha McCrea

Friday 15th January 20** at 7:00pm

At Viewpoint Ballroom

890 Kilburn Road, Woodbridge, Virginia

Hosted by Sara Mathews

RSVP by 15th to 703 590789

The above shower card is written simple, there are no witty prints. These invites have all the important information such as the registration details and respond by date. There is no specific theme for the above examples.

Bridal Shower Invitation Wording Sample 4

Will and Kate

played their cards right

and found true love!

Before they escape to Las Vegas

please play a game

of Monopoly with us

at Kate’s bridal shower

Saturday 8th May 20**

at 5:00pm

Macaulay Bar

590 Marry street

Macaulay New York

RSVP Nicole Fredrick’s

at [email protected]

See you there with your

Las Vegas theme dress code

The theme of the above shower is for Las Vegas. As you can see not only the invitation is written in a Las Vegas theme but they even requested the attendees to wear Las Vegas attire.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Bridal Shower Wordings and Invitation Etiquette

1. When is the appropriate time to send out the bridal shower cards?

Unlike wedding invites you don’t need two month’s notice for bridal shower. A bridal shower invitation should allow 2 to 3 weeks’ notice.

As everyone already knows the date of the wedding, no need to really give them more than two weeks, after all it is your close female family members and friends.

2. Where to find reasonably priced bridal shower invitations?

You will be amazed to learn how many online printing stores such as Zazzle provide high quality and elegant bridal shower cards that are very cheap.

The invites are priced 0.70 to 1.20 per invite depending on the design and the paper quality. Bellow there are some collections from Zazzle bridal shower invites. If you would like to browse hundreds of other designs simply visit cheap bridal shower invitations.

3. Where to find free bridal shower invitation cards?

If you are looking for cute, elegant and simple bridal shower invites we have some free templates you can download. All you need to do is write in the wordings and insert some graphics or pictures if you like.

4. Excuse my ignorance, however do the bridal shower invites and wedding invites match in themes and design?

No they don’t. Traditionally weddings are more formal than the bridal shower which is less formal and quirky. You can have a separate theme for the wedding and a separate theme for the shower.

As far as the invitation design goes for the bridal shower you can have funny invites or cute and playful designs and wordings as well.

5. How to make bridal shower invite on word document?

Is easier than you think to design an invitation card on a windows word document, all you need is to know and familiarize yourself on word applications.

· Click insert from, then select tables, only select one table.

· Click inserts, then borders, a drop down list of borders will show up, choose the one you want.

· Then go to your table and indicate where you want your borders to be.

· Select colors one for background and one for sides if you wish.

· Insert pictures using clip art or your own pictures by clicking insert then picture and upload your own photo on to the invite.

· For the font you can use word art or select fancy font to make it standout.

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