Fairytale Wedding Invitation Wording And Design

Complete Guide To Fairytale Wedding Invitation Wording and Design

Fairytale wedding invitation? Have you grown up yet from those fantasies or fixations? Just kidding! There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a fairytale wedding invitation. After all, love is usually celebrated with the same scenarios as “boy meets girl, the presence of an antagonist and a happily ever after”.
This is what every bride and groom wants to achieve – a happily ever after ending or “a happily forever after”. Do you have this in mind but have no concrete concept on how to go about it?
What about photo editing your pictures into a fairytale prince and princess character? You may choose Snow White and her prince or maybe, you would prefer Fiona and Shrek? Well, the choice is completely up to you. The idea is to make your wedding invitation as unique as possible.

Fairytale Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

The design of the invites is equally important as the wording on the card, you want your fairy tale wedding invitation to have a unique wording that describes the bond between you and your partner. The fallowing 3 examples of wedding invitation wording might give an idea on what to write on the card.

Example 1

fairytale wedding invitation

Example 2

fairytale wedding invitation

Example 3

fairytale wedding invitation

The above three wedding invitation wording examples are written three different ways that are unique and creative yet elegant and suitable for fairytale wedding invitations. You don’t have to stick with this style if you want to be more romantic you can use love quotes and poems to give it romantic fairytale.

Tips And Ideas On How To Design Your Unique Wedding Invitation

Another creative choice is to have an artist design a princess dress/attire and also that of a prince in a wedding arrangement and have your real photos for inserted for its face. With this one, you got a lot of choices. You may watch different series of Barbie DVDs to give you an idea of how you want the design to be made. These movies might also give you ideas on some items that you need on your wedding day such as the style of your ring holder or pillow, the candles and other items.

Well, this is your very special one and only wedding day so be sure to to make it extra special and make the most of it. Forget about what your mother is saying about being fixated on those childhood fantasies. What is important is to have a wedding that you truly like so if you really wish for a fairy tale wedding invitation then go for it. The only thing that you may want to be sure of is not to over do your fairy tale fantasies. You have to keep your feet on the ground and not make castles in the wind.

Be sure also to get the approval of your partner. It really won’t make sense if you are dressed like a princess and your groom refuses to put on the “sword” that you have had designed specially for your wedding. Always the most important thing to bear in mind that this day is the day that you will be united – in mind, in heart and in body.

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