Wedding Reception Invitation Wording – Complete Guide

Complete Guide To Wedding Reception Invitation Wording

Wedding reception invitation wordings can be tricky at times especially if the wedding is held in two different places. When a couple is just married, they host a reception soon after.
The wedding invitations actually inform the guests specifically about the reception details like the location and the time.

The wordings can take a formal or informal tone. When the reception is conducted at the same venue just after the wedding then a single line is added to the invitation card. This will tell the guests that the wedding will follow immediately after the wedding.

As opposed to this when the reception venue differs from the wedding location, in that case a separate card is usually printed for wedding reception. This card will then be worded accordingly. A typical reception invite will read:

We invite you all to join us on cocktail, dinner, dancing

At the reception

Right after the ceremony

(day) On (date)


As shown in the above wedding reception invitation, you need to include some plain information that reflects how you are going to host your reception. Here’s one more sample to show how you can improvise the style and tone of wedding reception invite.

We request the pleasure

of your company

At the dessert reception

Followed by the ceremony

At the resort of

Mr. and Mrs. Mark White

While you write a wedding reception invite, just make sure you include every little detail that needs to be added. For instance, when you mention the address or venue, it’s a good practice to state a landmark that is situated in proximity. In this way, the guests who aren’t familiar to the place will not have trouble finding it. Try to make the wordings perfect and let your guests have the first mouth-watering taste of your reception.

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