Addressing Wedding Invitations

Addressing wedding invitations and addressing wedding invitation etiquette and implicit rules- how to say it right the first time.

What Are The Rules Of Addressing Wedding Invitations

For addressing wedding invitations, there are various rules and etiquette’s. There is an inadvertent fear of wedding planners or hosts that upon breaking such rules, some hard feelings will be generated among the guests. In reality, the etiquette’s for addressing wedding invitations have never been so inflexible.
For an extremely formal wedding, you might want to stick to the rules whereas, in a casual setting, you have the freedom to address your guests as you wish. Some people follow the traditional style which is apparent from the way they address wedding invitations.

Whether the invitation is formal, informal, or traditional, the way to address unmarried guests will remain the same. You simply have to use the title Mr.

For a male guest and for female Miss or Ms is used and then the first and second name of the guest follows. If you are addressing in the inner envelope, you can get slightly informal with Mr. Smith and Guest. This is meant to say that they can come with their date.

As for the married couples, they can be addressed husband’s first name and last name followed by the title of Mr. and Mrs. The names of kids under the age of 18 are mentioned after the name of parents.

Thus, the way wedding invitations are addressed remains the same. However, for an informal wedding address, you can use nick names, abbreviations and can even omit titles.

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