Stylish Wedding Reception Invitation Card

Stylish and Elegant Wedding Reception Invitation Card

Wedding reception invitation card is necessary if you are going to have your reception separate from where your wedding is solemnize.
Nowadays, couples most often choose to have the place of solemnization the same as the place for the reception.

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Some religious people would prefer the other choice, that is, to have the marriage solemnized in a place of worship, a church, synagogue, parish, etc. and then have the celebration in a reception hall. Sometimes, for practicality sake, the first choice is more advantageous. Deciding on how to structure the event site is the most crucial thing to do.

Nevertheless, if you have already made your invitation for your wedding ceremony, you can adopt that with some slight changes on the wordings. Another choice is to state in a single wedding invitation where the wedding ceremony will be conducted and where the reception will follow.

The benefit of combining this information onto one card would not only be a cost and time savings versus designing it separately and also on the time and cost of creating and posting or distributing it.

However, if you indeed decided to have it separately, then you should be sure to make it detailed and make it very clear explaining that it is for the reception only to avoid any confusion.

Otherwise, you might mislead your best friend who should be your bridesmaid to proceed to the reception area instead of going first to the place where the wedding ceremony is being conducted.

Specify the time that the reception program will likely start. Just like your other invitations, it would be really convenient for your guests if you include directions to the reception location – a small map with clear landmarks is the best to fit this purpose.

RSVP is of course also necessary. You ultimately need this to have a clearer picture on who will be attending your wedding day. As a matter of fact, it may be more important to have an RSVP for your Wedding reception invitation as compared to your wedding ceremony invitation. Well, your church will not charge you for an additional guest who would like to see you march down the aisle but the caterer would surely charge for additional guests. That is still not the worst scenario.

The worst is when your caterer is incapable to accommodating the influx of guests more than what was expected. The reception invitations do not need to be as elaborate as your wedding ceremony invitation. The design can be simpler.

Bellow there are collections of an elegant and luxuries reception wedding announcement cards that you can choose. The designs are not only unique and classy but most importantly it is simple and elegant.

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