Verses For Wedding Invitations – Outstanding and Unique

Verses for wedding invitations are personal thing and a one that every couple strives to get it right. A great deal of thought should be given to your wedding invitation and especially to the words that you choose to use in it. Verses for wedding invitations should represent the love that you and your partner have for each other.
The verses should not focus on the ceremony or the reception but should focus on you and your partner as a couple. You should ensure that you choose the verses for wedding invitations carefully, as your wedding invitation gives your guests the first impression of what to expect the wedding celebration to be like.

Wedding invitation verses should be written clearly to prevent any misconceptions from taking place. A word can have a number of meanings depending on how you use it, which is why it is very important for you to choose your words wisely.

Verses for wedding invitations should also layout the details of the wedding such as: the date, the time of the wedding ceremony and reception and the venue for both the ceremony and reception.

Ensure that you clearly state these details on the invitation as some guests believe that once they are invited to the ceremony, that they are also invited to the reception. Some couples may want a private ceremony with only immediate family members and will invite the rest of their family and friends to the reception. In a case such as this, the verse for the wedding invitation should specifically and very clearly state this.

To prevent feelings from getting hurt, the verses of your wedding invitations should clearly acknowledge those who are paying for the wedding. For instance, if the bride’s parents are paying for the wedding, the invitation should state, “the bride’s parents are requesting your presence…”

How To Write Outstanding and Unique Verses For Wedding Invitations

Verses of wedding invitations should also reflect the setting of the wedding. If your wedding will take place at a church or at a garden in a formal setting, then the words in your invitation should reflect the formality. On the other hand, if your wedding will take place in an informal setting such as your home, then the words of the invitation should be more of a casual tone.

Wedding invitation verses may also be of a short poem that shows the love that you have as a couple. Apart from informing your guests about the date and location of your wedding, you also want to convey to all how much you and your partner appreciate each other, and you can do this by adding a small quotation in the verses on your wedding invitations.

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