Wedding Shower Invitations – Unique and Memorable Theme

Unique and Memorable Wedding Shower Invitations Theme

If you are planning your wedding shower invitations, do not forget to put in your checklist the things you need for your wedding shower invites.
The Bridal shower is almost your biggest day too.Its important that you think about your theme for the bridal shower as well as the theme for your wedding shower invitation too. Creativity is all that it takes to wow your guests during your shower whether you decide it to be a formal cocktail party or a casual tea party.

Before you start thinking about how your bridal invitations should look, try to visualize first what you want to have as your wedding shower.

As mentioned, some will prefer a cocktail party, others may want it to be a tea party and still others may design it to be more of a lingerie shower, and the list and possibilities goes on.

Once you decide what type of event your shower party will be, then you can begin to think about how your bridal shower invitations will look.

Shower invitations do not need to be expensive. Be sure to keep with an ongoing theme and design your shower invitations similar to your bridal shower and of course, your wedding motif.

With the ease in using the internet nowadays, it is extremely easy to locate ideas and samples and simply edit them slightly for a more personalized touch to create the perfect invitation.

There are so many creative ways to make your bridal shower invitations fun and easy. For example, you can have a wedding shower invitation that is both an invitation as well as having the option of sharing a recipe.

And what about asking the guests to bring something from the list of ingredients? The guests will find this as something fun.

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How ever you decide for your bridal shower invites to look, just don’t forget the main content that it should have such as of course your name as the bride and star of the event, the time of the event and of course the venue.

You may wish to include a creative map or simple illustration of the place where the shower party will be conducted. This is especially important if most of your friends are not familiar with the location.

If you are planning a surprise wedding shower party for your friends, be sure to inform the recipients of the wedding shower invitation the fact that it is a surprise to request and gain their cooperation in maintaining the surprise.

Just like your wedding invitation, it is also a wise thing to at least approximate the number of people who are attending. Thus, be sure to include an RSVP with contact details.

You may wish to write the preferred way for the guest to respond by including your email address or perhaps your telephone number.

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