Inexpensive DIY Wedding Invitations – Complete Guide

Where To Find Cheap DIY Wedding Invitations

Diy wedding invitations are inexpensive way of making your own wedding invites without spending hundreds of dollars on paper that will be chucked in the pin after the wedding.

Inexpensive Diy Wedding Invitation Kits

Bellow do it yourself wedding invitations are from our wholesale affiliate store. These invites only come in bulks of 50, 60 or 100 of invites including RSVP card and an envelop. It is reasonably priced and you won’t find these prices locally or any other online invitation store.

Wedding Invitations Kits DIY – Classic Ivory & Gold Deckle Edge Invites (50 Invitations + 50 Response Cards) – $49.99

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Wedding DIY Invitations – Red Floral Invites (60 Invitations + 60 Pockets) – $89.98

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Wedding Invitations DIY – Light Blue Flowers Print (60 Invitations + 60 Response Cards) – $146.98

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Elegant DIY Wedding Invitations – Laser Cut Floral Print Invites (48 Invitations + 48 Pockets)

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Wedding Invitations DIY kits – Gold Hearts Wedding Invitations (50 Invitations + 50 Response Cards) – $39.98

from: Koyal Wholesale

We’ve all heard of weddings where an exorbitant amount of money was spent to make the big day one that guests would talk about for weeks and months to come. But in case you need to be reminded, the wedding isn’t nearly as important as the marriage that comes afterwards.

That very important fact coupled with the economic hardships facing our world these days, the concept of do it yourself weddings and do it yourself wedding invitations is seriously worth considering.

Do it yourself wedding invitation kits are available at hobby and craft stores, office supply stores. These kits are complete with invitations, envelopes (inner and outer), and RSVP cards.

Wedding invitations DIY kits come with explicit instructions for formatting and printing your invitations and templates with options for the text for your invitations. The quality of some kits is better than others (but isn’t that true with everything?).

So here are a few things you need to keep in mind when opting for DIY wedding invitations.

1. If at all possible, select a kit that has each invitation already cut rather than one that has perforated lines to separate the invitations after printing. This will eliminate the possibility of torn or rough edges. If you can’t find a kit that isn’t perforated, take your printed invitations to your local office supply store and ask them to cut them for you. The cost, if any, will be minimal.

2. Use a quality laser printer on your do it yourself invitations rather than an ink-jet printer to prevent smudging.

3. Use clear labels ONLY on your do it yourself invitations. And use the same font to print the labels as you do the invitations for the sake of continuity.

Kits aren’t the only option for do it yourself wedding invitations. Craft and hobby stores will most likely offer a wide variety of papers in either their stationery or scrapbooking department; especially vellums. Printing your invitations on these papers (using a laser printer) will allow you to personalize your invitations to compliment your wedding theme. Coordinating envelopes will be available at the same store or office supply stores.

Free wedding invitation templates offer free downloads for templates to design your invitations. These same sites plus others have examples on how to properly word your invitations to suit any number of scenarios.

Do it yourself wedding invitations offer additional opportunities for embellishments such as ribbon tied edges or embossing. Using your own office software program will allow you to put a watermark picture behind your text. This will give your do it yourself invitation a professional and personalized look and feel.

While it’s true that your wedding invitation will be the first impression family and friends will have of your wedding, do it yourself wedding invitations are a cost-effective and logical way to go. After all, how many of the wedding invitations you’ve received in the mail over the years are still in your possession and how many of them are sitting in a landfill somewhere?

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