Wedding Invitation Cards – Tips and Ideas

What You Need To Do Before You Send Out Wedding Invitation Cards

Wedding invitation cards is another term used for a wedding invitation, but more specifically those that are either in postcard form or are an actual single-fold card. Wedding invitation cards can be printed on cardstock or finer quality paper. That is a decision the bride makes based on the style and theme of her wedding and the budget she has to work with.
In the early stages of wedding planning, one of the most important things a bride and groom will do is put together their guest list. This is a list of family and friends they wish to share their wedding day with.

Once that list has been completed and the design and text for the invitations has been decided upon, the wedding invitation cards will need to be ordered. The happy couple needs to do this do this approximately four months prior to the wedding.

Most places you order wedding invitations from will give you an expected delivery date of six to eight weeks after ordering. Upon arrival, the wedding invitation cards need to promptly be addressed and postage needs to be affixed to both the outer envelope and the RSVP reply card if one is used.

Wedding invitations need to be put in the mail five to six weeks prior to the wedding date. This allows time for prospective guests to reply and to give you ample time to firm up numbers with the caterer and cake maker.

There are several types of wedding invitation cards. The most common breakdown of categories are as follows:

1. A formal wedding invitation is used for a wedding that is held in the late afternoon or evening, one that follows the line of traditions, one that is large in number of attendants and guests (more than 4 attendants and more than 200 guests), one held in a high-end or formal setting and one that spares no expense in having the very best of everything.

Formal wedding invitation should be engraved rather than printed on cotton, linen or crepe paper and will never include a watermark picture or cute verse poem. Distinctively elegant fonts should be used as well as all text written out-no numeric symbols.

2. Informal wedding invitations will be printed using offset, digital or laser printing, be printed on cardstock or cotton paper, and use classic fonts that are not too scripted. The addition of watermark images, lace, ribbon and photography are acceptable, as well as using colored paper.

3.Themed wedding invitation cards will be distinctive to the particular theme chosen by the bride and groom. For instance, a country wedding invitation may be printed on paper resembling weathered wood or on a background of a field of wildflowers.

4. Modern wedding invitation cards can be printed or engraved and use any type/color of paper depending on the budget. Modern invitations might include quotes from a favorite author or songwriter and may use as its front an image of a favorite piece of artwork.

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