Download Free Wedding Invitation Template

Download Free wedding invitation template why pay for it?

Are you looking for beautiful and elegant free wedding invitation templates that you can print out and customize on your own?
We have more than ten free wedding invitations you can choose from that will only need your special touch to personalize and then simply print out. Our free wedding templates are easy to use and can be easily edited using paint on your PC software.

Use our free printable wedding invitation templates for your big day. Why pay for it when you can get it for free? We are confident you will be surprised with the high quality of all the designs available to you.

All you will need to do is purchase quality wedding invitation paper and you will be ready to simply print the invitations. Be sure the design and paper type appropriately suit the theme and the best practice is to not get to elaborate.

Our printable invitation templates are designed for you and your convenience. All you have to do is print out, insert a few details about your wedding and send it out.

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If you would like to save money you don’t even need to take the invitations to a professional printer. Instead you can buy the invitation papers from office works and print the invitations out yourself at home. Its that easy!

free wedding invitation template

To download the above templates in PJE format please sing up our newsletter and you will get a confirmation email with the download links.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Free Wedding Invitation Templates

1. How can I download the templates?

To download the templates you simply click the image or download wedding invitations link, it will ask you to sign up our Fortnightly Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas Newsletter. Once you sign up you will get an email notification to verify your email and then we will send you an email containing instructions how to download the templates.

2. Will I be downloading only one or all ten of them at once?

To have access to our free downloadable wedding invitation templates you only need to sign up for our Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas Newsletter therefore you will have access to download all ten wedding invitation templates at once.

3. Once I download these templates how can I edit it?

Our free wedding invitations templates are easily editable. The design itself is not editable however you can easily write your wedding invitation wordings on the invite using any image editing software such as paint.

All you need to do is select where you want to write your wedding invitation wording and select your font size, color.

4. Can I re-size the wedding templates?

No you cannot edit the size of the templates. All our templates came with fixed size, if you re-size any of the templates it will disturb the design of the template and will become odd looking. The best option is to leave the size as it is. Our templates came with 5*7 and 7*5 cm.

5. How can I print the wedding card templates?

You can use your own home printer when you are ready to print the invitations. You will want to be sure to have invitation paper on hand and ready and off you go, its as easy as that.

If you are worried it might be a bit difficult for you to create and print your invitation, can always go to or take it to a local invitation printer such as Walt-Mart or any other printer.

Online printer companies are very cheap and print high quality wedding invitations, sites like Zazzle are well known for their inexpensive and beautiful prints.

All you have to do is upload your template and edit the wording of the invite and print it. Their prices range from 0.70 cents to 0.90cents per invite depending the type of wedding invitation paper you select and the size of the invite.

6. All your wedding invitation templates are for wedding invitation cards only, do you have a set of wedding invitation stationary consisting of wedding invite card, thank you cards, save the date card and RSVP cards?

Unfortunately our entire free download wedding invitation templates is only for wedding invitation cards. In the future we will be uploading free wedding invitation stationary.

7. Do you offer custom work?

Yes I do for a premium wedding invitation template customization, just send me an email using the Contact Us page and provide details what exactly you would like whether you want the free downloadable templates to be edited for your needs or new template. If you would like a quote for a free wedding template, please send me an email using Contact Us page as well.

8. Can I sell your free downloadable wedding invitation templates online or offline?

No absolutely you cannot sell or reproduce our free wedding invitation templates, These templates are only for your own use and not to sell. If we see anybody selling or reproducing our templates for any third party there will be prosecution under the copyright laws and regulations.

9. Can I give free wedding invitation downloads on my site?

No you cannot, in any way or form whether it is online or offline, give these wedding invitation templates away for free. These templates are the property of Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas and are protected under copy-write regulations and privately owned.

When you are granted permission to download these templates you are only given permission to use the product for your own wedding only not any other way.

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