Wedding Response Card – Wedding RSVP

Wedding Response Card (RSVP) Why Do You Need One?

Wedding Response Card, do you really need them? No matter how flexible your caterer may be, it is always wise to at least get an approximate of how many people are attending your very big day.

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An exact head count may not be possible. Most of the time, the estimate is lower than the actual attendees except in tightly knitted communities where people would crash a wedding reception uninvited.

To get the exact number of wedding guests, the strategy is to include a wedding response card in your wedding invitation card.

So you know who is attending and who is not. If you are working with a tight budget, a response card is not really burdensome.

Some wedding invitation card designers encourage its use as a promotional item and you may not even need to add a cent to the total charge.

Or you can make your own save by date card similar to the above one which can be easily created using a word document or word paint functions.

If you are preparing your invitations yourself, then including a wedding RSVP card does not make a big difference in your total time spent in preparing your wedding invitation cards.

In most contemporary wedding invitation cards, the RSVP appears on the card itself. Some opt to put it in as a smaller card. No matter where you prefer it to be located, the idea is to request your guest to reply letting you know whether they will be attending your big day or not. You may not even need to print RSVP, you may put it in your own words such as “reply is highly appreciated” or “your reply would do us a great favor”.

Wedding RSVP Card Wording Sample 1

Rsvp wedding, wedding response cards

Wedding response card sample 2

Rsvp wedding, wedding response cards

The main content of a response card is to let you have a confirmation of who is going to attend your wedding and who for various reasons cannot attend. However, if you wish to have serve an additional purpose, such as, what dessert your guest prefers or maybe you want to know if they have any food sensitivities, then you could include this in the reply card.

Do not forget to include a certain date by which your guest should reply with their wedding response cards. An example how you could convey this is statemenets such as: “Please let us know on or before (date)” or “Let us hear from you on or before (date)”. Of course any wording that you prefer for your friendly request and reminder would be acceptable.

Usually, the date on or before which the guest is requested to give a response of their attendance or not is generally two to three weeks before the wedding day.

The reply cards need not to be expensive. You can just use your own personal computer at home with perhaps a good variety of card stock, a pair of creative pinking shears and some ribbons or other embellishments and you are all set.

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