Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Custom Card

How To Make Your Own wedding Invitations Card?

If you are artistic or graphic designer bride why not make your own wedding invitations? To help minimize the wedding expenses, consider making your own wedding invitations.
Since most of the traditional printing equipment, templates and other tools are available and suitable for home use, making your own wedding invitation is an easy alternative.

Gone are the days when a wedding invitation is a luxury in that only those who could afford to pay the services of a printing press can have a beautiful invitation. Now, computerized cutters, dry embossers, embossing dies and embossing powders that you can use to make a touch of comparable professionalism in creating your card are readily available in some homes.

To make your own wedding invitations, the first thing you want to ask yourself is: what materials do I have readily available that I can use to assemble creatively? This will not only personalized or customize your card, it will also make it one of a kind which no one could ever possibly duplicate.

Have you seen a wedding invitation card embellished with sea shells? What about one decorated with dried flowers and leaves? You may have seen these cards already and you may have exclaimed: “Look how beautiful and creative these simple materials are assembled to a beautifully crafted card”.

Look around you and see what you can find that is abundant, tiny and cute. If you live in a highly urbanized city, you can make use of items that are readily available that are not necessarily nature produced. An example, when floppy discs were still used, someone made a custom made invitation card using the disc inside. She wrote on the surface using colored craft glue and glitters. Creative and resourceful!

Expressing your creativity with your computer and camera is also possible. With your digital camera, you can take a very nice picture of you and your partner and print and edit it on your home computer, rather than spending a fortune for a photo vendor to develop it.

Your knowledge in Photoshop will come in handy. Pictures of your favorite things can be incorporated to make it more personalized. Brides usually choose a certain type and color of a flower to go with their motif. Others may prefer to just have a wedding-related item to go with it like a wedding bell, a dove, or a wedding Bible.

To make your own wedding invitation card, the possibilities are endless. The choice of materials, the choice of photos to use are and the choice of custom shapes are endless using the available handy technology that we are now enjoying in our daily lives.

The essential element to make your own wedding invitation is time. You need time to research all your options, you need time to collate what you searched, you need time to finalize your lay out and you need much time to do it yourself. All time well spent!

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