How To Write Simple and Creative Wedding Invitation Wording?

Welcome to Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas! I love romance and weddings are the celebration of the romance between the happy couple. To celebrate this wonderful occasion and share it with family and friends you need to announce it in style with unique and creative wedding invite wordings.

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Formal Wedding Invitation Wording
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Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas
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Las Vegas Wedding Invitation Wordings 25th Wedding Invitation Wording 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording

Wedding invitation wording ideas is an online wedding invitation website and your source to writing, structuring and formatting wedding invites. There are multiple examples of wedding invite wordings for different wedding themes. Everything you need to know about writing wedding invites you will find on this site.

The Galleries above are filled with sample wedding invitation wordingfor themes such as beach weddings, unique weddings, floral weddings,modern weddings, formal weddings, informal weddings, second weddings,and many more. Whether you need to learn how to write weddinginvitation wording or you are simply looking for ideas on how tostructure a wedding invitation everything you are looking for is on this website.

History of Wedding Invitation Wordings

Wedding invitations have been around in every civilization. Even in the medieval period, there used to be wedding invites that were found documented evidence in the caves. Prior to the 19th century weddings were announced by mouth and there weren’t any written invites. A town carrier used to go around the town and announce thewedding, anyone who hears the announcement used to attend the wedding.

In the Middle Ages, there was widespread illiteracy among the masses so the tradition of sending written invites was reserved only for the nobles. The royal families use to get their invites written from monkswho were proficient in the art of calligraphic writing. In the early 17th century, printing techniques were developed but theywere not commonly used for wedding invitations.

These printing techniques had a poor result, which wasn’tconsidered appropriate for printing stylish invites. There was also atime when weddings were announced through the newspaper. During the 18th century, handwritten wedding invitations were considered a sign ofsophistication in England. The butler use to handcraft the invitations.

This practice was common among the aristocrats who invested much oftheir time in this process. Much planning was done, the appropriatepens were selected to ensure to give letters the right dimensions. Forwriting wedding invites, the calligraphy pens were the ideal choice. As for the choice of words, it has remained primarily the same, however, there is a single exception.

The name of every guest was mentioned on the invitation in the classicstyle, which is no longer followed in the modern form of writingwedding invitations. However, it wouldn’t be a bad idea toconsider those classic styles while planning for wedding invitations.After getting the invites written or printed, they are placed in anenvelope and the means to seal it was through the wax. Over the waxseal, the family crest was usually embossed.

These seals are used even today to add a touch of elegance.There are some more classic practices that are still being used todayin writing invitations. Many people still like to keep tissue papers intheir invites as a remembrance of the past. Other remnants of classicstyles can be seen when people use wax seals, calligraphic writing styles, engraved text or handwritten addresses.