Medieval Wedding Invitation Wording

Complete Guide To Medieval Wedding Invitation Wording

Choose an appropriate medieval wedding invitation wording for a medieval wedding. There have been wedding invitations in almost every civilization. Even in the medieval times, there used to be wedding invitations for which some documented evidence was found in caves.
As for the recorded past, the majority of wedding invitations were mouthed by a town crier. The wedding invitations in the span of the fourteenth to seventeenth century were verbally announced by a gentleman by walking through the streets and announcing the news in loud voice. Anyone in earshot used to become part of the wedding.

If you are planning a medieval wedding theme the wedding invite should reflect the look and feel of the medieval period. The key to have a unique and memorable wedding invitation is to match the theme of the wedding with the invite including everything from the design to the wording on the wedding invite.

Every wedding theme has a format and a structure of writing the wedding invitations. Medieval wedding invitation wording is no different. The wording on the medieval wedding invitation should be the correct font styles of Chaucer, Tudor, Calligrapher or Excalibur. If you don’t have these fonts available to you then try to select something very similar.

Remember to properly word the invitation similar to language of the Medieval Times. You can open with something along the lines of “thy presence would be honored….” Formal names should always be used along with the date, time and location. If you are expecting your guests to be dressed in attire from a certain time period, make sure this is noted on your invitation.

Ideally medievalwedding invitation wording begins with the host of the wedding which in most cases is the bride and the groom. The groom is always addressed as, “Lord Andrew Williams” and the bride’s name is addressed as, “Lady Samantha Jones”.

Sample 1

medieval wedding invitation wording, medieval wedding, medieval wedding invitation

The above medieval wedding invitation is formal and the bride and the groom are the host. If you prefer a simple and formal wedding invitation this is the sort of wedding invitation wording you could write.

Sample 2

medieval wedding invitation wording, medieval wedding, medieval wedding invitation

This wedding invitation wording is written in a formal and traditional way, bride’s parents are the host of the wedding. Groom’s parents are mentioned out of respect but acknowledging that the two families are celebrating the wedding of their son daughter.

Sample 3

medieval wedding invitation wording, medieval wedding, medieval wedding invitation

The way this medieval wedding invitation is written is formal and traditional medieval wedding invitation wording. As you can see the invitation starts with “HEAR YE HEAR YE”. In medieval period times of announcing important news in this case the wedding of the bride and the groom.

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