50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording

Unique and memerable 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording for golden milestone occasion.
Anyone who is close with their prance that are still married, it is their dream to throw a party for their prance’s 50th wedding anniversary and write unique and memorable 50th wedding anniversary invitation wordings.

50th wedding anniversary invitation wording, 50th anniversary invitation wording

The 50th wedding anniversary is a golden milestone and a life time celebration of love, happiness and life, not only is a tremendous achievement to last 50 years in marriage by a huge testament for the unconditional love between the couple. 50th wedding invitation etiquette is formal and known to be elegant and classy.

The wordings have to also be formal and clearly state who is hosting, when, where and who is it for. Some children feel they need to add two to four sentences about their prance’s life and love for the last 50 years or even use funny or memorable quotes for their prance.

If that’s what host of the party feel is appropriate by all means go for it. But a world of advice double check with the couple if it is ok with them.

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording Example 1

You are cordially invited to a Golden

Wedding Anniversary celebration in honor of

Johan and Audrey Smith

Saturday 15th September 20**

At Woodbridge Hotel

2891 Manassas Road, Springville New jersey

Hosted by their children

Troy, Samantha & Andrew Smith

KINDLY RESPOND BY August 25th , 20XX

123.456.7890 | [email protected]

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording Example 2

Please join us in celebrating

The 50th wedding anniversary of

Margaret and Walter Anderson

Saturday, September 15th 2012 at 5PM

Celebration Country Club,

321 Ocean Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL

Hosted by Katherine and Matthew Anderson

Kindly RSVP to Katherine

by September 1st 61400275418

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording Example 3

In honor of the

50th Wedding Anniversary

Of Andrew and Margaret McDermott

their children and grandchildren

Request the pleasure of your company on

Saturday, December 16, 20xx

at 7:00 p.m. in the evening

The Parchment Club

2345 Main Street

Oyster Bay, New York

Regrets only


50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording Example 4

Please Join Us in Celebration

of John and Joy Edwards

50th Wedding Anniversary.

Saturday, October 20th , 20** at 6:00 PM.

At Tankaville Hotel

5874 King Road Woodbridge, Ohio

Dinner and Dancing to follow.

Hosted by their grandchildren.

Jack, Mathew, Hannah, Sarah & Erin

RSVP requested by

October 10th 20**

Hannah Edwards 614 852 374

50th Wedding Anniversary Invitation Wording Example 5

Because you have shared

Thomas and Jane Andersons

By your friendship and love

It is our pleasure to invite

You in the celebration of the

50th Wedding Anniversary of our parents

Sunday 10th February Madason Hotel

8911 Nicholson Road

Springvale, Virginia

Hosted by Mathew,

Catherine and Troy Anderson

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to find inexpensive 50th wedding invites?

50th wedding anniversary invitations
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50th wedding anniversary invitations
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50th wedding anniversary invitations
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50th wedding anniversary invitations
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50th wedding anniversary invitations
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50th wedding anniversary invitations
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50th wedding anniversary invitations
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50th wedding anniversary invitations
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50th wedding anniversary invitations
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50th wedding anniversary invitations
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Online printers such as Zazzle have wide variety of 50th anniversary cards such modern, vintage, elegant, traditional, personalized and formal. If you not sure how to design your invites, Zazzle is the online invitation printing store to go to, not only will you have thousands of choices but the prices are reasonable and the invites are exceptional quality.

2. When is the best time to send out 50th wedding anniversary invitations?

The earlier the better. I would say give your guests 2 to 3 months’ notice, as some guest might come from out of town or even overseas since it is a lifetime celebration and many of the couples friends might be scattered all over the world. Giving them enough notice will give them enough time to organise flights, hotels and so on.

3. How to politely decline 50th wedding anniversary invitations?

Only you know the real reason why you don’t want to go or perhaps you are unable to attend, however, if I were you and the 50th anniversary party was for close family member such as my grand prance or my in-laws I would do my best to attend no matter how badly I don’t want to be there.

But if your reason is that I don’t feel I am close to the couple or it is your friend’s grand prance50th wedding anniversary and you feel as you are an outsider, whatever the reason might be, be sure to decline by the RSVP card, if you feel it is someone close that you have to give explanation then please tell them why.

Here are some polite ways to decline an invitation, along with the apology it is ideal to send a gift:-

· I know it is a very special day for you and I am sorry to inform you I won’t be there celebrating this golden milestone with you due to prior engagements. Best wishes

· I am sorry I won’t be able to celebrate this golden milestone with you best wishes.

· I am sorry I can’t be there to celebrate this wonderful occasion with you as I am out of town.

· I would love to celebrate this golden milestone with you, but unfortunately I have prior commitment s and can’t make it. Wishing you all the best.

4. Is it appropriate to print out registration details or gift ideas on the 50th wedding anniversary card?

No it is not, traditionally you don’t print out gift registration details on the wedding invitation cards or anniversary cards. Because wedding invitation cards are considered to be formal and should not be printed out other than poems, quotes, location, date, host and who is it for.

Traditionally gifts are given at the bridal shower where you can print out registration details on bridal shower invites. For this occasion which is a 50th wedding anniversary where there won’t be bridal shower, if guests want to bring gift then that is their option to do so out of the kindness of their heart. Otherwise, do not solicit gifts because in my opinion it is tacky and viewed as begging.

5. I don’t know what to get for my grand prance 50th wedding anniversary any gift ideas will be appreciated?

See if there is something special they would like or you could get a personalized gift for example:-

· 50th golden personalized frame

· Personalized photo wall clock

· Personalized mugs

· Personalized photo of the family on gift plates

· 50th anniversary fan bell

· 50th anniversary photo frame with words

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