Summer Wedding Invitations – Stylish And Unique

Summer wedding must come with so much fun! Summerwedding invitations are bright, colorful and most importantly eye catching invites that will not only excite your guests but most of all will stick in their memories forever. Why, because it is different and unique to any other normal wedding reception party.

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Where to Find Stylish and Unique Summer Wedding Invitations?

Have you thought about having a beach wedding celebration? A beach wedding celebration naturally goes well with summer weddings! Choosing to celebrate your wedding in the summer opens up a lot of varieties you can choose from starting from your summer wedding invitations, your wedding reception and other activities surrounding your wedding.

Wedding invitations usually set the tone for your wedding day. That being the case why then would you not give the utmost attention to the invitations since you know that the wedding invitation gives the foremost impression of what your wedding will look like?

The first thing that your guests will have a glance upon in relation to your wedding is your wedding invitation, that is, even before they will see you in your magnificently selected gown, before glancing upon your wedding reception arrangement or anything else, they first will have an impression of what they can expect from your wedding invitation card.

Most of the time summer weddings are not as formal as those celebrated in the winter time. Most summer weddings adapt a more casual style. This is not to say that you also need to adapt a casual style if you are desiring to have a more formal celebration, by all means go with what you really want to have for your celebration.

Most importantly, make sure that you send out your Summer wedding invitation as far in advance as reasonably possible in order to ensure a higher probability of the attendance of your target guests. If you are not ready yet with your summer wedding invites, then you can send a save the date card first just to inform your guests of your wedding date and let them have ample time to reschedule their plans for the summer.

A very clever idea for your summer wedding invites, is to make it a hand-held fan type of invitation which will blend nicely with the warm summer days type wedding. Fan invitation cards are available at most markets and are made up of paper panels or to be more unique, you can have a bamboo fan. This will be a casual and cool type of Summerwedding invitation and so unique that your guest surely will have not seen this idea before.

If you wish to have a more formal invitation then you may want to make use of asymmetrical designs. An example would be embellishing one side of the card with a 1” ribbon with the color that blends with your motif. For summer weddings, the favorite colors generally tend to be ocean blue or turquoise, which is such a cool and pleasant color choice for the eyes.

Ribbons are usual choices in embellishing cards but you do have countless other choices. You can make use of a strip of card stock instead of a ribbon, you may have some recycled card board to show some touch of being deco-friendly. Good luck in having the coolest summer wedding ever!

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