Wedding Invitation Stationery

Complete Guide To Wedding Invitation Stationery

Wedding invitation stationery includes not only the actual wedding invitation, but the other announcements and cards that often are a part of the wedding festivities, as well.
Wedding stationery can include the following:

1. The invitation to the wedding. Wedding invitations are just what the name implies; a card or single sheet of paper requesting the recipient’s presences at the wedding ceremony of the bride and groom.

2. Wedding announcement. A wedding announcement is sent in place of an invitation in the event the couple opts for a private ceremony at the Justice of the Peace, a destination wedding, or one in which only the immediate family is present. They want to share their good news with everyone else, but for whatever reason, chose to keep the actual ceremony small.

3. Wedding programs. Wedding programs are a fairly new concept in the world of weddings, but a very nice one, indeed. The wedding program lists the names of the bride and groom’s attendants and their relationship to the couple.

It lists the officiating minister, the musicians, candle lighters, gives an order of events for the ceremony, repeats the directions to the reception area if necessary, provides the contact information for the newlyweds and often contains a ‘thank you’ message from the bride and groom to everyone for being a part of the special day.

4. The RSVP card. This is the enclosure sent with just about every wedding invitation. This is one of the most important components of wedding invitation stationery.

The RSVP card tells the bride and groom how many people they need to plan on for the reception. And that is a vital piece of information to have in regards to the wedding budget.

5. Another form of wedding invitation stationery is the wedding reception invitation. Just like the wedding announcement, the wedding reception invitation is used when a destination or private wedding ceremony takes place separately from a reception (celebration) with family and friends.

6. Save-the-date cards or letters are becoming more popular with younger brides and grooms. The purpose of this wedding stationery is to pre-invite your guests to the wedding. You’re asking them in advance of sending the actual invitation to clear their calendars for your special date. To many, this is a waste of time and money. “Many” is correct.

7. Thank-you notes. Even more important than the invitation is the thank-you note in the world of wedding invitation stationery. It’s absolutely, positively, inexcusably rude to not send thank-you notes. You certainly didn’t have a problem receiving the gifts, did you?

8. Place cards are often used to seat people at the reception where you wish them to be seated. While this is usually only necessary to designate seating for the wedding party and the parents/grandparents tables, it can also be useful in the event of strained family relationships.

Wedding invitation stationery and all the name implies is available from any wedding supply source or print shop. Or for those who are creative and /or artistic, designing your own is always an option worth exploring.

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