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Unusual and Hilarious Funny Wedding Invitation Wording

Unique and funny wedding invitation wording for non traditional wedding. Funny wedding invitations seem to be popular among the recipients of the invitation due to it being unique and well, funny.
It often creates a lasting memory as well as generates a per-wedding buzz where everyone would start to talk about that funny wedding invitation that they just received.

Congratulations, you have finally set your wedding date, so now you have to sit down with your partner and discuss the guests list, and after you have gotten the complete guests list, it is time to deliver the wedding invitations.

funny wedding invitation wording

Your wedding invitation should be as personal as possible which suits your personality. If you are a humorous person, or your partner is, in fact if the both of you are, why not get into light mood and consider funny wedding invitations?

There are plenty of ways to make your funny wedding invitations and one of the ways is to play with the wordings. There are a lot of ways for you to be funny with words in a wedding invitation.

Here are three examples of funny wedding invitations wording. First is the simple ‘straightforward’ jokes like “Come or I will un-friend you on Facebook”. Next, you could go for punch line jokes such as “You are obliged to come to our wedding and don’t forget gifts!” Another example is a simple, “free food for all!”

There are plenty of ways to design your funny wedding invitations. You could use caricatures for starters or take a funny picture of the both of you together.

Besides that, you could also think of something creative to do such as exaggerating personalities of the both of you, like having the wife hold shopping bags and the husband is holding a football in his hand and act out like the wife is forcing you to shop with her.

You can even use pictures of funny pet photos, like two cats and one is making funny face and the other is looking and write funny words on the photo about the wedding.

You just need to use your imagination and come up with that unique and funny photo that will crack up your guests and say yep its Joel and Sarah’s personality.

The best funny wedding invitations combine both funny wordings and pictures to put a smile on and a roar of laughter to the recipients.

Here are some examples of funny wedding invitation wordings:-

Funny wedding invitation wording sample 3

Its tax time and

Christopher and Amanda

Are taking the plunge

Please join our recession free wedding

On Saturday 22nd May 20**

At Viewpoint reception

Funny wedding invitation wording sample 3

You are invited for

Christopher and Amanda

Wedding on Saturday 17th June 20**

at St Marys church

Reception and dinner to follow

Please celebrate with us

This wonderful occasion

Or we will remove you from

Our Facebook friend list

Funny wedding invitation wording sample 3

When Christopher met Amanda

He knew his life would change

But he didn’t know he had to pay for the Gucci dress

You’re invited to witness the

exchanging of their wedding vows

on Saturday 17th June 20**

at St Marys church

Reception and dinner to follow

Funny wedding invitation wording sample 4

Lionel and Nicki

Yeh yeh we are getting married

And you’re obligated to come to our wedding

On Sunday 5th July 20** at 2:30 pm

At Bendigo town hall

789 Nicholson Road, Bendigo

Don’t forget the gifts!

Funny wedding invitation wording sample 5

Tray and Des

Are soon to be one

They've read all the fine print their license defines

And still they are planning to sign the paper.

If you can't believe it and want to confirm

Show up for the wedding and watch them both squirm

As they promise to cater to each one's desires

Till death does them part or their license expires

On Saturday 10th November 20** at 3:00 p.m.

At Docklands Cruise

18th Latrobe Street Docklands

Melbourne, Australia

Funny wedding invitation wording sample 6

Luke and Hannah

Are inviting you to witness them

Legalizing their relationship and

Sign the marriage license

Followed by big feed to celebrate for this wonderful occasion

On Friday 8th October 20** at 3:00 p.m.

At Luna park

590 Punt Road, Collingwood, London

Bring your comfy shoes

We dancing till down

Funny invitation wedding wording sample 7

Anthony and Bianca

Are throwing party and lighting disco lights

And you are invited to rip up the dance floor

And have a feed with them

For tying the knot

After all they’re not illegal anymore!

On Thursday 22nd December 20**

At Olympic Hotel

963 Albert Road, Northcote

Funny invitation wedding wording sample 8

Nichols and Sarah

Are taking the plunge

Their prance didn’t think this day would ever come.

They always knew they wouldn’t walk down the aisle

But instead would walk down

The beach to exchange their vows

On Friday 15th June 20** at 3:00 p.m.

at Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia

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I hope you found the above eight fun wedding invitation wording humorous. Maybe it is the kind of humour you were looking for or perhaps it gave you an idea of how to structure your funny wedding invitation. Remember the best funny wedding invite is a customized wedding invite especially if you combine the photo and wordings together.

Bottom-line you know what sort of humour you are after and most importantly it should match your personality. If you are bit of joker or sarcastic your friends and family members will expect your personality to shine through your wedding invites.

Where to find a funny wedding invitation card?

Now that you might have found the perfect funny wedding invite wording, if you still haven’t found that unique funny wedding card. The above wedding invitations are from our affiliate stores, I hope it is just what you were looking for.

If it is not you can always get a funny couple photo taken and print it on the invite or get Zazzle to print out your personalized wedding cards.

Good luck with your wedding and we hope you have a wonderful day and a life time of happiness together. Let us know how the wedding went, send us an email or simply fill the bellow form.

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