African American Wedding Invitations Theme

Complete Guide To African American Wedding Invitations Theme

So you are looking for elegant African American Wedding invitations for an African American themed wedding.
If you are of African American decent you might want to have an elegant traditional African American wedding featuring the culture.

That is a beautiful thing, I encourage anyone to be proud of their heritage and celebrate when it is appropriate. Weddings are perfect occasion to feature and showcase your culture and rituals such as a traditional outfit, dance, food or so on.

Wedding ceremonies in many cultures all over the world you will find people are looking for something unique and different for their wedding theme and often it might be appealing to choose modern themes 21st centuries.

Yet people find they want something meaningful and a cultural ritual and that is why many couples choose traditional weddings such as an African American wedding theme for an African American couple.

Even though the culture is different to the white Americans, the invitation etiquette is the same. Most traditional weddings send traditional wedding invitations which are formal.

Where to find cheap African American wedding invitations?

There are numerous online wedding invitations stores catering for African American weddings. Most of these websites have hundreds of different designs to choose from. You will find both modern and older traditional designs.

I am sure you will find what you are looking for as they have wide variety of different designs to choose from. Another online website that has hundreds of wedding invitation designs including African American invitations is Zazzle.

The advantage of using Zazzle is you can edit their designs and customize it to your own preferences. It also gives you the option to add a photo or even upload your own design.

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for you can always make your own African American wedding invitations by using word document, windows paint or Photoshop. The advantage of making your invite is at least is personalized to your own taste.

What popular designs to use for African American wedding invitation?

Jumping over the broom avertor or artistic design on the invite can be a piece of traditional design on the invite. Jumping over the broom has been a very ritual tradition for the African Americans which they have inherited from their African ancestors.

· African designs can be used on the invites such as colorful tribal colors

African American wedding invitation wordings

Wedding invitation wordings for African American does not differ from white Americans, the structure and format is the same. The wording of any wedding invitation depends on the type of the wedding.

Since it is traditional it is best to go with traditional etiquette such as the following examples:-

Sample 1

David Washington


Samantha Smith

Have decided to jump the broom

Please join them to celebrate

Their wedding ceremony

On 6th July 20** at 2:00 p.m.

At St Marys church

Reception to fallow

At 456 Mathew drive

Sample 2

Mr and Mrs Washington

Along with

Mr and Mrs Smith

Cordially invite you to attend

Their children’s wedding ceremony

David Washington


Samantha Smith

Africa is known for its rich cultural heritage and the large culturally diverse background. There are literally thousands of ethnicities and cultures on the continent and each has its unique way of doing things, some might be similar to others and many of them are very different from and strange to other tribes.

In African tribes many occasions are celebrated differently and they usually entail events that have significant meaning and relevance to the occasions.

Marriages are very important in any part of the world, this union of man and woman has been in existence since the beginning of the time of man on earth and it dates back as far back as the first man Australopithecus Africans.

Although the traditions and celebrations of the marriages are usually very different they are usually for the same reason and are governed by the same principle, of a man meeting a woman that he thinks he is compatible with and willing to marry.

African Americans are American of African descent; usually sub Saharan African countries in West, East and Central Africa. Although many of the black Americans have lost their heritage and are not familiar with their ethnicity and or tribe at all, traditional marriages are still popular amongst them.

To African people culture is very important and it is also important that no matter where you might have come from or where you might be now, if you can, you should recognize your culture.

African Americans have grown fond of their cultural heritage and sometimes decide to have their weddings the old fashion style.

There are many reasons why African Americans love to have their weddings in the traditional ways of honouring their ancestry and here are some of them.

· Significance of Culture

Culture is a very important aspect of the lives of many African Americans and what better way to honour your culture than with a traditional wedding. Weddings are very important and in some cases the most important day of people’s lives and to decide to do it based on you cultural heritage is a big tribute to that culture.

· Wedding dresses

Traditional fashion has become increasingly popular amongst many people and another reason African Americans might decide to have a cultural wedding is the love for traditional clothing and this is applies more to the females, the beautiful traditional dresses are sometimes hard to resist.

· Parental Influence

Sometimes African American have their weddings the old fashion way because of parental influence. The idea might be brought on by the parents and more likely the couple agrees to the idea to honour both their parents and their culture.

· Fun

Sometimes we just want to break away from the usual and have a little fun. The rituals and traditions of African weddings are usually interesting and usually involve some fun activities like dances, singing and more.

I hope this article was helpful to you. Congratulations again and I hope you have a wonderful wedding.

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