Butterfly Wedding Invitations and Its Significance

The Complete Guide To Butterfly Wedding Invitations

Butterfly wedding invitations are extremely attractive but it signifies more than just its aesthetic value. In Chinese culture, butterflies signify as a young man totally in love while in the Japanese culture it signifies young maidens and the happiness of marriage that goes beyond just superficial feelings.
Apart from these beliefs and symbolism, the butterfly is also related to Eros, the god of sexual love and beauty in the Greek mythology. Weddings as the ultimate expression of love can be made close to perfect by incorporating meaningful things into the ceremony. Butterflies will definitely provide the best symbolism when it comes to new life together with someone you love.

Other symbolism of the butterfly includes:

• Rebirth

• New beginning

• Beauty

• Freedom

• Hope

Given these symbolisms, butterfly wedding invitations are ideal for couples who are going for their marital union as they are going to start a new chapter of their lives together.

Furthermore, it is also not hard to make butterfly designs as the wedding theme as there are literally hundreds of wedding favors, decorations and even trimming that are butterfly designs. Couples will not have a hard time looking for a way to make their wedding special, classy and almost perfect.

There are various reasons why butterfly designs in wedding invitation industry and it could be attributed mainly to the symbolization and significance that they imply for the occasion. In addition, they are also very common and have a lot of varieties considering the many options for the wedding invitations.

Inexpensive Butterfly Wedding Announcement Card

butterfly wedding invitations
                  Front                                  Back
Red And White Butterfly WeddingAnnouncement Card
butterfly wedding invitations
            Front                   Back
      Apple Green Wedding Invitation

butterfly wedding invitations
                 Front                                  Back
            Hyper Butterfly Monogram Wedding Card
butterfly wedding invitations             Front                   Back
Vintage Floral Butterfly Wedding Card
butterfly wedding invitations
                   Front                               Back
            Black Damask Swirls Wedding Invitation
butterfly wedding invitations
             Front                  Back
Dark Blue & Teal WeddingInvitation
butterfly wedding invitations
                 Front                               Back
            Elegant Red And Black WeddingInvitation
butterfly wedding invitations
             Front                   Back
Elegant Butterfly Announcement Card

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