Country Wedding Invitations

How To Design and Style Country Wedding Invitations?

A country wedding is just what the name implies; vows exchanged amid fields of wild flowers, bales of hay, in an old wooden barn, a quaint country church, the park or even in someone’s back yard.
Keeping in step with the theme of a country wedding, the invitations should reflect the overall look and feel of the bride and groom’s big day. Country wedding invitations are available from an almost endless supply of sources.

Online sources such as inexpensive country wedding invites will surely have something to suit any bride with a country wedding in her future. Local print stores will no doubt have several options available, as well. Invitations for a country wedding come in a variety of styles; single sheet, card fold, or even a postcard invitation has been used.

While we are by no means insinuating that a country wedding is a dowdy or sub-standard affair, a country wedding is definitely less formal than most other wedding venues. A country wedding is generally thought to be quaint, charming and often times, even old-fashioned in its attire and décor. And the same thing goes for the invitations.

There are several liberties that can be taken with country wedding invitations. Country wedding invitations are usually printed rather than engraved, can use folksy, less traditional fonts, and heavy cardstock paper is normally the paper of choice. Paper used for the invitations is colored paper, more often than not to coordinate with the colors of the wedding. Some details, however-no matter how informal the wedding is-should not be omitted. Country wedding invitations should also include RSVP information-postage included if using ‘snail mail’ as an option for doing so.

Invitations for country weddings commonly have a more personality of the bride and groom worked into them than traditional wedding invitations. Some of the ways the bride and groom’s personality can be expressed on their country wedding invitations are…

1. The invitation often has a picture of the couple in the background taken in a country setting; a field of wildflowers, with a horse, a barn, or amid a field of baled hay.

2. Popular stock photographs or young children dressed in country attire holding hands in a field, sitting together on a fence or walking hand in hand down a country road will be pictured on the front of a card-folded invitation.

3. The paper the invitation itself is printed on might look like old barn wood or lace.

The text for a country wedding invitation should be in sync with the overall theme of the wedding. Some couples will use partial lyrics from their favorite country song to announce their big event: “All because two people fell in love” (Names) invite you to celebrate with them as they join their lives together as husband and wife…

Informal and country style phrases such as ‘We’re getting hitched’ or ‘Come watch us tie the knot’ are often used for invitations to a country wedding.

Whatever you decide, your wedding-country or formal-should be just what the bride and groom want it to be.

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