Formal Wedding Invitation Wording – How to Write

How To Write Unique And Elegant Formal Wedding Invitation Wording?

When you have to write formal wedding invitation wording for formal weddings, certain rules and etiquette’s apply. They have to be observed while writing an invitation. For a slightly less formal wedding, you can be a bit more creative.

The formal wedding invitation wording for a wedding can have seven stages

There was a time when all the correspondence regarding weddings had formal wordings. Writing formal wedding invitation wording is not hard if you know what you need to write down and what format to use. These days, things have slightly changed but a wedding invite still carries a formal tone.

• The organizers or the hosts

• Request

• The names of the couple to be wedded

• The date and time

• Venue where the festivities will be conducted

• Timing of reception


• And other details

The Hosts

Ideally, the first thing to be seen on the wedding invitation is the name of the host. The hosts are actually the people who are paying for the wedding. Traditionally, the parents of bride are the hosts. Therefore, the first sentence of a wedding invite will read something like this:

Mr.and Mrs. Paul Smith cordially invite…


Alicia and Paul Smith cordially invite…

The Request

The very next thing that follows after the name of the hosts is the request from the host to the guest to be a part of the wedding. If the wedding is going to be held in the church, then the request will go something like this;Request the honor of your presence at the wedding of our beloved Son’s/daughter’s…

The Couple Names

After that, the name of the wedding couple is mentioned. The complete name of the bride and groom has to be listed including their first, middle and last names. According to the etiquette’s, the name of the bride must be mentioned before the groom. For example:-

Alicia RobertTo Scott Smith

Date & Time

For mentioning the date and time, there are some traditional as well as some modern ways used. Originally, the time and date were spelled out, like:

Sunday,the second of August

Two thousand  and eleven

At six o’clock in the evening

But in case,you are hosting a slightly informal wedding then you can also write

Sunday, July 2, 2011

At 6 p.m.

The Location

An invite for a wedding is almost incomplete without mentioning the exact location. Up next comes the wedding ceremony location. If the place is already well known, you don’t have to mention the address.

The New Orleans Club16, Pine StreetScarborough, Toronto

In case the wedding ceremony is to be held at a famous place, then there is no need to tell the exact location. You can simply do by mentioning the name of place and the city where it’s located.


The reception for wedding is a well-planned event. You can either get a separate card for wedding reception or print the reception details on the same card. You can say:

And after wedding vows

Cocktails and cake will be served in (place)

When the reception is not at the same place or same day then your invite will read:


At 9 o’clock

Palm Club

24 Beach Street

Scarborough, Toronto


Normally, the list of RSVP is mentioned on the invitation card, however, you can use a different RSVP card as well saying “In favor of reply is request before 30th of May” or “RSVP before 30th of May”.

In a formal wedding invitation wording, some other details can also be added. For instance, you can mention details of the type of attire you want the guests to wear for the wedding. For a beach wedding, you can inform the guests to bring along UV protection lotion or perhaps come in swim suits. In case, children are not allowed to attend this wedding then you can specify this detail in the invite.

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