Outdoor Wedding Invitation Samples and Wordings

Outdoor Wedding Invitation How To Design And What To Write On The Invite?

Are you looking for outdoor wedding invitation for your outdoor wedding theme?
Outdoor weddings are very popular these days since more and more couples are having destination weddings at places such as on the beach at a tropical or Caribbean location or even on a cruise ship.

Where To Find Inexpensive Outdoor Wedding Invites?

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Wedding Invitation – Grass

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Hearts In Sand Beach Wedding Invitation (50 Pack)

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Signature ecru wedding invitations, Marriage Garden

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Signature white wedding invitations,Secret Garden

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Letterpress wedding invitations, Garden Blooms

Wedding invitations not only inform the guests of the wedding with date and time details but it also reflects your artistic side and your own personality.

Besides that it also gives your guest a sneak peek of the theme and possibly what to expect from your wedding.

Around the world outdoor weddings is very popular especially in warmer countries. You can choose from many themes and landscapes to showcase your personality.

You could choose a mountain valley, a backyard, the beach, or a botanical garden just to name a few outdoor options. There are countless outdoor wedding invitation styles that would be suitable for each couple.

How To Write Outdoor Wedding Invitation Card?

beachside wedding invite, outdoor wedding invitation

Since outdoor weddings such as a beach theme wedding invitation is not a formal type of wedding ceremony the question is how to appropriately write the invitations?

What is the best way structure them, do you use poems, quotes, what sorts of graphics will you use, you could go with the couple’s wedding engagement photo or even beach and sand illustrations that tie in the theme and color choices you use?

As you can see wedding invitations can become complex at times. The best way I find to write your invitation is to go with your true feelings or if you desire you could choose a love or marriage quotes that most describes you and your partner. The key is try to make it as personal to you both as possible.

The above wedding invitation wording is formal beach wedding invitation, the bride’s parents are the host. They chose a simple, formal wedding invitation that does not contain any quotes or poems. All the necessary information such as date, time and location is printed out.

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How to avoid bad weather for your outdoor wedding?

It can be a big risk to plan an outdoor wedding because of the unpredictability of the weather including rain, wind or other types of storms depending on your location.

You should always have a Plan B just in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. Depending on the venue most if not all of them will have backup precautions such as a tent to protect you from the rain.

If you choose to hold your wedding outside on the beach for example you might want to rent a backup tent to be set up and if the weather suddenly changes you can easily move under the tent. If the weather changes back to sunny again you can move out and enjoy the sunshine. It is easy.

Choose the suitable outdoor wedding invitation

The wedding invitation should be based upon you’re the location’s landscape and of course the theme of your wedding.

For example if you plan the wedding on the hills of a mountain it is more suitable to include graphics of a mountain to show off to guests what to expect which will create an impression of elegance.

If your wedding will be held in a botanical garden, you could easily choose a flower motif for your invitations and let a flower stand boldly on the front of the invitation.

Or you could choose a mix of flowers to design as a border around the edge of the invitation. You could also choose to print an invitation in the shape of a flower, like tulip, rose or a Lilly.

Selecting the appropriate theme and graphics for your card will show off your personality and your own personal touch. Have fun and be creative.

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