Seal and Send Wedding Invitations

Should You Use Seal and Send Wedding Invitations?

What are seal and send wedding invitations? and why are they cheaper option? Glad you asked. Seal and send wedding invitations are one-piece invitations.
They are single sheet invitations printed in such a way that they can be folded into 5” x 7 or 6″ x 4″ mail-able invitations that are sealed with a monogrammed or decorative seal rather than using envelopes.

Printed on both sides, the invitation includes your announcement, reception, dress and lodging information. A map and gift registry information can also be included if you choose. The bottom portion is perforated for use as a detachable RSVP-complete with your return address printed on them.

Once you receive your completed seal and send wedding invitations

Elegant and Beautiful Seal and Send Wedding Invites

Seal N Send Ecru (50 Pack)

Seal N Send Berrylicious(50 Pack)

Seal N Send Red (50 Pack)

Seal N Send Pink Lemonade (50 Pack)

Seal N Send Radiant White (50 Pack)

Seal and send wedding invites are available in a variety of colors and designs. You can even create your own design. Paper quality can range from fine cotton to less expensive card stock, making seal and send invitations an option for any bride and groom.

While some might turn their nose up at such a notion; thinking it too casual, seal and send wedding cards allow you to manage your wedding budget wisely by eliminating the cost of separate invitations and RSVP cards…not to mention all those envelopes.

The average cost of seal and send wedding invitations is well under two hundred dollars per one hundred invitations. Based on the fact that the average bride and groom send out one hundred and fifty invitations, the cost of the invitations including labels and postage for both the invitation and the RSVP card runs approximately $375.00.

Seal and send wedding invites are available from many online sources. Each of the online sites offers help in designing the perfect invitation for you. Any of these websites (and others, too) offer seal and send invitations suitable for any wedding no matter what the theme.

They offer invitations for first marriages, subsequent marriages, anniversary celebrations, and other events in life worth celebrating in fine fashion with family and friends. In most cases, your proof is ready for review immediately and allows for edits before submitting your order.

Turn-around time is usually less than two months. Wedding planning is a wonderful, fun-filled, stressful, unforgettable time in your life. Taking advantage of any opportunity you have to make things easier and less stressful only makes sense, don’t you think? That’s why seal and seal and send wedding invites don’t just make good dollars and cents, they make good sense when it comes to making your wedding planning easier, too.

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