Tropical Wedding Invitations – Stylish and Inexpensive

Stylish and Inexpensive Tropical Wedding Invitations

Tropical wedding invitations are just what the name implies-wedding invitations to a wedding with a tropical theme. These days a wedding isn’t just a wedding, you know.
Back in the not-so-very-long-ago days, planning a wedding consisted of being asked (of course), selecting a date and time (the place was none other than your church or a pretty local outdoor setting), asking your friends to be your bridesmaids and wear a frilly, fluffy dress in your favorite color, and share your special day with family and friends.

And after the ‘I do’s’ were said, you’d all have cake and finger foods, maybe dance a bit, and then you’d be sent off for your honeymoon. ‘Oh, if it were only still that simple’ is the lament of fathers everywhere!

Inexpensive Tropical Flower Wedding Invitation

tropical wedding invitations

Today weddings have a theme; country weddings, hip-hop weddings, Christmas weddings…the list goes on. But one of the most popular wedding themes is the tropical wedding.

A tropical wedding is popular for a number of reasons.

1. The destination wedding industry is appealing, affordable and is a guaranteed honeymoon.

2. Tropical weddings lend themselves to a relaxing and festive environment-just what you want your wedding to be.

3. A tropical wedding theme is an easy one to build on.

There is an abundance of beautiful yet economical ways to decorate for such an event.

But does that mean a tropical wedding invite is only for those couples getting married on the sandy shore of the beach or on a warm and breezy island? No. Tropical flower wedding invitation can be used by any couple wishing to have a tropical theme for their wedding.

For those who choose a destination wedding or to be married on a wedding cruise ship, your elegant tropical wedding invite will most likely be invitations to your wedding reception. It’s a fun and easy way to carry the look and feel of your wedding day over to the time of celebration you share with your family and friends once you return home.

Beautiful wedding invitations depicting the ocean shore, sea shells or the sun rising or setting against the vast waters of the ocean is a wonderful way to invite guests to witness your wedding vows in a setting similar to the one on the invitation. A tropical wedding invitation is appropriate for a less formal wedding held in a church or other venue where you choose to use shells and tropical plants as the décor.

Tropical wedding invites are not appropriate for formal weddings, however. The words ‘formal’ and ‘tropical’ don’t go together in the same sentence when a wedding is involved.

Tropical wedding cards come in all styles, colors and prices. Your tropical wedding invitations can include glossy stock photography, embossed shells, water color or pen and ink drawings…the possibilities are endless.

Finding your tropical wedding invitation and all the décor to go with them is easy. Just about any and every wedding supplier will have what you’re looking for.

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