Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas – Where To Find

Unique wedding ceremony ideas for a memorable and unique wedding – what every bride wants.
Every bride dreams of her wedding day long before the day is even on the horizon-before the groom has actually be decided upon. She’s dreaming of how she’ll make her wedding ceremony unique and special.

Unique wedding ceremony ideas are a matter of personality. But with all that goes into planning a wedding, sometimes creativity and imagination fly out the window. So here are a few ideas for a unique wedding ceremony that will make memories for you that will last a lifetime.

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Make your wedding ceremony unique by making it a family affair. Couples whose parents are still happily married to one another have been known to invite their parents to stand up with them and renew their wedding vows as they are taking theirs.

Imagine your dream vacation as the setting of your wedding ceremony…Here is romantic vacations and destination’s guide to the best destination weddings and most romantic places to elope around the world.

What a beautiful way to celebrate the lasting love of marriage! Another unique wedding ceremony idea along the same line as the one listed above is for the bride and groom to ask their parents and/or grandparents to be their honor attendants.

If tradition and sentiment are what you want to use to make your wedding ceremony unique and special you can do so by wearing all or part of your mother or grandmother’s wedding attire. You can also get back to your roots by incorporating old world wedding traditions from the countries your ancestors came from.

Take the term ‘theme wedding’ to a whole new level with a unique wedding ceremony reminiscent of another era. Here are a couple of examples….

A. A wedding from the 1940’s-simple dress (street length is even a possibility) topped by a simple hat, sweet bouquets of daisies or wildflowers, picnic style food and of course, plenty of big band music.

B. The music and dress of Shakespeare’s time makes for a unique wedding ceremony but is gaining popularity. Or maybe you’re more of a plantation belle kind of girl.

Creating a unique wedding ceremony centered around the hobby(s) of the bride and groom is also a wonderful way to make it a memorable day. Favorite sports, sports teams or even a favorite move have all been used.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Wedding venues can make for interesting and unique wedding ceremonies. Where did the two of you meet or where did he propose? Hold the wedding there! Couples have gotten married in movie theaters (yes, complete with ticket-styled invitations), saloons, barns, boats and even caves.

Other unique wedding ceremony ideas:

A. Including your pet(s) in the ceremony as ‘honor attendants’.

B. Coming in on horseback (outdoor and barn ceremonies only, please).

C. Underwater weddings for divers.

D. Exchanging vows on the ski slopes.

E. Having the bride or groom sing to the other.

F. Audience participation; each guest is asked to share a message of blessing and best wishes during the ceremony (reserved for the most intimate of weddings).

What makes a wedding unique and elegant is wedding planning basics, point by point make sure you planned everything and have backup plan. Any wedding planner will tell you that’s what makes a wedding memorable and unique.

Whatever way you choose to make yours a unique wedding ceremony, don’t forget that when it’s all said and done, it’s really the marriage that counts.

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