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Are You Looking For Free Unique Wedding Invitation Poems

If you are we have 10 free wedding invitation poems you can use. Wedding invitations poems have been a popular choice for prints on wedding invites for centuries.
Some poems are personalized and some are taken from famous poem books specifically written as marriage poems.

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The best poems are the ones from the heart that describe what marriage means for both bride and groom. It doesn’t have to be cheesy as long as it is simple, romantic and touching. Here are ten free wedding poem samples you can use for your invites.

Wedding Invitation Poem Sample 1

Lives have been lived for so long now

that our home is full of pots, pans and towels.

Not a single wall sits bare

and the drawers are full of utensils and silverware.

What more could the BRIDE and GROOM possibly need?

Other than each other, I mean.

A home is where your heart hangs true,

but every once in a while, a home needs repairs, too.

There is paint to buy and a roof to maintain

and perhaps a plumber could look at the drain.

Why not make things easy for you

as well as the anxious bride and groom?

A wishing well will be standing tall

after the ceremony in the reception hall.

Wedding Invitation Poem Sample 2

There are boxes and bags on shelves and racks.

There are containers and hooks in every crevasse and crack.

The BRIDE and GROOM have both agreed,

they have everything they could possibly need.

If you wish to give the happy bride and groom

something to help them maintain every room,

then please consider a gift

that is not a toaster or dish.

Perhaps one that will fit quite swell

in our lovely wishing well!

Wedding Invitation Poem Sample 3

Maybe our love took a little longer

than others who don’t stop to ponder

the meaning behind wedded bliss,

and see it as nothing more than a kiss.

Now we are ready, but our home is full

of knick knacks, necessities and blankets of wool.

If you would like to send us on our way,

as we celebrate our special day,

with a gift that will come in quite handy for sure,

then remember to take the reception grand tour.

You will see a carefully decorated wishing well

the top adorned with a big wedding bell.

This is the best place of all for a gift

that will help our home get a much needed face lift!

Wedding Invitation Poem Sample 4

Your love and support is enough

and far more valuable than any stuff.

However if you want to give the bride and groom

something special to hang in their rooms,

consider instead a gift that won’t be left on a shelf

and gather dust all over itself.

The blissful couple have all the possessions they need

However I think we can all agree,

that a home must be kept and repairs made

so why not give a gift that will aid

as the newlyweds begin their life together

by keeping their home warm and dry in all kinds of weather.

A wishing well will be present for all

who wish to give a useful gift that comes quite small.

Wedding Invitation Poem Sample 5

Troy and Nikita

invite you to attend

as they say “I do” and

vow a commitment of love

to one another.

The ceremony will begin at



A wishing well will be found in the reception hall

for guests who want to send the new couple off

with a special token of their support and best wishes

for a long, happy life together as husband and wife

Wedding Invitation Poem Sample 6

We finally decided to tie the knot,

but considering the things we have already got,

little is needed in our warm and cozy home,

we already have a toaster, dishes, and telephone.

But even the warmest home needs maintenance and repair,

from the walls, to the wires, to the pipes, and to the stairs.

If you wish to send us off with something to enhance where we dwell,

may I suggest a token for our wedding wishing well?

BRIDE and GROOM thank you for coming to share

the big day when they officially become a pair!

Wedding Invite Poem Sample 7


request the pleasure of your company



to bear witness as they take their vows

and become husband and wife.

Reception will follow


Those who wish to show their support

with a gift for the bride and groom

is welcome to do so.

A wishing well will also be available

for anyone who would like to make our honeymoon

just a little more special!

Wedding Invite Poem Sample 8


walk down the aisle


and confirm their eternal love,

they wish to request the honor

of your presence on DATE at TIME.

A reception will immediately follow


with a wishing well for those who

would like to send the bride and groom off

with a token of good luck and best wishes

as they begin a new life of love and happiness together!

Wedding Invitation Poem Sample 9

Wedding bells will chime as


make their way down the aisle at LOCATION.

The anxious couple invites you to celebrate with them

on this day of significance in their lives.

The ceremony will begin at TIME on DATE.

Guests are invited to attend a reception

at RECEPTION LOCATION which will begin at TIME.

Your presence is more than enough,

however if you prefer to go with tradition

and offer a gift to the bride and groom,

consider a token of love and support

for their wedding wishing well.

Wedding Invitation Poem Sample 10

BRIDE and GROOM invite you to attend

as they take the first step in a lifetime of love and happiness.

The ceremony will begin at TIME on DATE at LOCATION.

Friends and family are invited to attend the reception

which will be held at LOCATION beginning at TIME.

Those who wish to leave a token of support

for the newly married couple

are invited to do so by filling out an envelope

and placing it in the wishing well.

Please include everyone’s name so the happy couple

will know who to thank for the kind gift!

All the above ten wedding invite poems are written differently and describes how special the day is for the couple. Some are simple and some are sophisticated and personal.

I hope these samples will give you an idea of how to author your own customized weddinginvitations poem or you can simply use one of the samples above.

We congratulate you on your union and hope you both have everlasting love and happiness love.

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