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Formal Black And White Wedding Invitation

Are you looking for a sophisticated, elegant and really fabulous black and white wedding invitation? The secret is choosing the right color theme: choose black and white wedding invitations.
Weddings are infamous for bride choosing the color white because it is traditionally regarded as symbolic of purity. Purity of the couple’s intention for tying the knot and the love that binds them together.

Black on the other hand, manifests elegance. Combining black and white in your invitation would result to a perfect contrast that would give you the fabulously elegant wedding invitation that you have always been looking for.

Examples How To Write Formal Black And White Wedding Invitation

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You may either choose to create your designs yourself or look for artists online to put into concrete design what you envisioned for your wedding day.

Combining black and white and a touch of simplicity will spell out elegance. An example would be a black stationery and floral swirl border on one side of your card and on the opposite side insert a design symbolizes a wedding such as a dove, a wedding bell or a ring.

You may also like to put a twist the lay out to be extra creative by making a floral loop corner design on the lower left corner of your card and laying the wedding doves on the top right corner of your card, having the center portion for a short message or perhaps a special quotation meaningful to you. Another idea is to insert a picture of the bride and groom in the center portion.

To be totally captivating, you may choose to put a black and white picture. On the other hand, to break the monotony, especially if you wish to drive the guests’ attention to your picture, it would be a better option to but a fully colored picture.

The designed and color choices are unlimited for you to look through and decide upon. If you are overwhelmed or confused by the numerous choices of what final design you would like to adapt, it would be wise to browse online for different designs. It is not about copying other people’s ideas, it is about looking at samples to assist you in visualizing designs that appeals to your taste that you can then personalize to you.

Placing some cutouts of certain designs on your black stationery is very pretty because it will show off the white inner stationery and will certainly result in an elegant appearance. If some designs pop in your mind, try to put together a test or mock up so you can see exactly how it will look. By doing this, it will give you more ideas on how you may want to revise it to capture the exact look you are aiming for.

This requires you to have available black and white stationery at your working table so that if you wish to experiment and make a mock up of your black and white wedding invitation then you could easily do so without any unnecessary rush.

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