Casual Wedding Invitation Wordings

Casual Wedding Invitation Wordings

Are you planning for a casual wedding Invitation? That is great! Some people may think that conducting a casual wedding celebration is all about stretching your budget. Well, it does not always hold that way. Casual wedding celebrations may be for other reasons such as where the couple feels that this type is more personal.

Other couples are practical enough not to spend much for the wedding celebration itself to allot much more for their life after the celebration. Still other people opt to spend lesser on the celebration and spend much more for their honeymoon. No matter what your reason is for selecting this type of celebration, be sure to reflect it in you wedding invitation.

Casual Wedding Invitation Wordings Sample

casual wedding invitation wordings

So you have decided to have informal wedding invitation but the question is what to write and how to structure it? for formal wedding invites there is particular structure to layout your invites, but since it is informal wedding invites you can do whatever you want. The design, layout, wordings you can do it in any way you desire as long as you include it the necessary information such as location, time and who is hosting.

For example the above card wedding invitation as you can see it was written in an informal manner and bride and groom are the host of their wedding. The prance of the bride or groom were the host then their names would have been printed on the card.

Casual or informal wedding invitation does not mean that it is too simple or not artistic. In fact, it may even be more creative than a formal one because you can design it without constraint unlike a formal wedding invitation that you have the restriction of maintaining its formality.

A casual wedding invitation also contains what a formal card contains such as: the bride and the groom, the place, the time and date. It may also include a creative map showing where the event will be conducted. In terms of the wording, the choice of words should manifest that the wedding is a casual wedding celebration. It is more on the wording that delineates a formal celebration from a casual wedding celebration.

In terms of the choices in the design, it may include graphic borders, a traditional design that includes the bride and the groom, a bouquet or a wedding bell. The graphic may not be so elaborate but if the lay out is great, the resulting wedding invitation will still be great.

Another choice for a casual wedding invitation is a photo invitation. The photo of the bride and groom in casual wear can be arranged with other simple designs or embellishments like ribbons or dried leaves. It can be placed in a heart-shaped border and dried petals. You can also utilize some stamping ideas specially if you have few guests.

A lot of wedding invitation makers is doing casual wedding invites. Do-it-yourself cards are also casual invites. Hand made cards are usually for casual too although some are designed also for formal wedding celebrations. But even a casual wedding invitation can turn out with a worth to keep card if done with proper selection of embellishments, color, lay out, wording and overall arrangement.

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