Muslim Wedding Invitation Wordings

How To Write Muslim Wedding Invitation Wordings?

Muslim wedding invitation wordings are very different from the traditional western wedding invitation wording. Like any other religious wedding, the invites are written in a religious format.
Muslims believe marriage is half of the faith therefore every aspect of the wedding should be Islamicly adhered to, from the wedding ceremony to the wedding reception.

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Muslim wedding invitations have a distinct position when it comes to traditional values. Due to the fact that each and every phase of the wedding is conducted through religious dictates, a holy aspect is always present in Muslimwedding invitation wordings.

The Muslim wedding invites known as Nikah cards adds a significant amount of enthusiasm to the wedding festivities. From traditional invitation cards to scrolls, the wedding invites play an important role in honouring the guests.

Muslim wedding invitation wording always begin with Bismillah Alrahmani Abraham which means “in the name of god the most beneficent and the most merciful.” Some people prefer to write it in Arabic as all Muslims understand its translation and can easily read it and some simply translate it in English.

One thing to remember if you write it in Arabic make sure you don’t throw it in the bin and you should always make sure at least your guests will burn it rather than throw it in the bin as it is a sin. To avoid this, write it in English as most of your guests are English speaking.

Muslim wedding invitation wordings always contain prayers to the couple and wishing them well with their marriage.

For example, May the grace of the Almighty be with this couple and that they shall receive all the success in their marriage and May He bestow His blessings like uidance, health, wealth and faith to follow the path of guidance.

Another important aspect that determines how to write Muslim wedding invitation wording is are you inviting the guest for the Nikah, which is the actual wedding vows or the wedding celebration ceremony.

The reason this is important to determine, most Nikah ceremonies are specifically for men only and women do not attend, even the bride. Instead the Bride’s father, uncle or brother will present her in the actual Nikah ceremony.

After the Nikah takes place the bride will have her wedding celebration either women only or mixed with both men and women depending on the preferences of the groom and the bride. Most Muslim wedding celebrations are separate for men and women.

The wedding venues are usually held in two different receptions rooms next to one another, one for men and one for women. At the end the groom will come out to take his beautiful bride home.

Muslim wedding invitation wording sample for Nikah ceremony

Example 1

In the name of Allah the most beneficent and the most merciful

The Abdul Rahman Family


The Hussein Family

Invite you to attend the Nikah ceremony

of their daughter

Samira Abdul Rahman


Their Son

Mahamed Hussein

On 20th July two thousand and **

After duhur prayers

Insha Allah to be held

At 123 Whitehorse Reception

Fairfield South

We ask Allah to bless their union and give them

Righteous kids (Amin).

Example 2

In the name of Allah the most merciful and the most gracious

Allah decided their marriage in heaven

And we would like to celebrate it on earth

May Allah bless their marriage

and bless them with happiness and healthy kids (Amin).

The family of Ahmed Ali


The family of Samir Waliid

Request the presence of


To their son and daughter Nikah ceremony

On the 2nd of February two thousand and **

After duhur prayers

Insha Allah to be held at

Farah reception

345 Brunswick Road Brunswick

Evening Wedding reception

celebration to be fallowed

Insha Allah after Makrib prayers

Example 3

Among His proofs is that He created for you spouses from among yourselves, in order to have tranquillity and contentment with each other, and He placed in your hearts love and care towards your spouses. In this, there are sufficient proofs for people who think. [30:21]

The family of Mahmoud Ahmed


The family of Imran Hassan

Invite you ………………………………

To attend the Nikah ceremony of their

Son Mohsen Mahmoud Ahmed


Daughter Maha Imran Hassan

On the 15th of September

After duhur prayers

To be held at

Nuur Reception at

123 Mohan’s Road Broadmeadows

The first four sentences of the above Muslim wedding card is Quran Varese about marriage. Most Muslim wedding invites will have the above Varese printed on the invites to remand how important and special wedding ceremony is.

Muslim wedding invite wording for wedding reception ceremony

Example 1

Allah blessed Suleiman Ahmed

And Suad Ibrahim’s

heart love and mercy for each other

we ask Allah subhana laa wata alah to bless their union (amin)

Please join us to ladies only wedding ceremony

On the 10th of April two thousand and **

At White Rose reception

1256 High Street Preston

On the 15th of September two thousand and **

RSVP by the 20th of August two thousand and **

Example 2

With Allah Subhana Wata’ala’s blessing

We are pleased to announce the wedding ceremony of

Fatima Adam

Daughter of Daud Ahmed Adam


Ayub Ahmed

Son of Hassan Ali Ahmed

On the 13th of January two thousand and **

Insha Allah the wedding reception ceremony

Will be mixed

To be held at

Whitehorse Reception

1200 Doncaster Road

Example 3

All thanks to Allah Subhana Wata’ala

That united the hearts of

Mariam Adnam


Fuad Dahir

May they live happily ever after (Amin)

And may Allah subhana Wata’ala bless

Them with righteous children (amin).

You are invited to attend

Separate men and women wedding reception ceremony

The two receptions will be next to one another

Reception A is for men and Reception B is for women

Ceremony on the 15th of April two thousand and **

At Farah receptions

5890 elm high way Burwood

Hopefully the above Muslim wedding invitation wordings gave you an idea how to write an muslim wedding cards for Islamic marriages. Remember as long as you provide all the necessary information on the card everything else is extra.

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