Wedding Invitation Design – What Style and Design To Choose?

What Wedding Invitation Design To Choose For My Wedding Theme?

Is time to decide what type of a wedding invitation design is best for your wedding theme?
Now that he’s popped the question, you’ve said yes, the date has been set and you’re ready to let everyone know they’re invited to share your big day.

But who would have ever thought there would be so many choices when it comes to wedding invitation designs.

When selecting your wedding invitation design, here is a list and short description of the styles you’ll have to choose from. NOTE: Not all wedding invitation suppliers offer every style, so look around and make sure you’re getting what you want.

1. Panel Card style invitations: This wedding invitation design is a single (no fold) flat card invitation. The edges can be clean cut or deckled, the paper quality can range from the finest linen paper to quality card stock and can be as formal or informal as you wish it to be.

Signature ecru wedding invitations, Elegant Architecture

The panel card invitation is appropriate for any and all weddings. If you choose this wedding invitation design you should be sure to use inner envelopes if reply cards, lodging information and/or driving directions are included in your invitations.

2. Card Fold wedding invitations: Just what the name implies, this wedding invitation design will have the look and feel of a traditional greeting card.

Tri-Fold Chocolate Shimmer Wedding Invitations

This style of invitation is by far the most commonly used and is available for any and every imaginable wedding theme. The fold can be either horizontal or vertical.

3. Postcard Invitations: Using a postcard style wedding invitation should be reserved for only the simplest of weddings. A postcard invitation is a practical wedding invitation design for second marriages or small backyard weddings.

You need to remember, though, that a wedding invitation design of this nature a) limits you on what you can print on the invitation b) doesn’t allow for enclosures such as reply cards or location maps.
4. Pocket Wedding Invitations: A pocket wedding invitation design is an attractive way to invite people to your wedding.


The wording of the invitation can either be printed in the center with the sides folding in to form a ‘pocket’ which is sealed for sending or the invitation can be detached from a more stylish ‘envelope’ (pocket).

5. Seal and send wedding invitations: This invitation design is simple, cuts down on paper waste and will work for weddings not requiring enclosures.

Seal N Send Berrylicious (50 Pack)

The seal and send wedding invitation is printed on the inside, tri-folded and sealed with a sticker (preferably monogrammed) for mailing. Using a heavier weight of paper is necessary to insure they survive the postal system.

You can spend as much or as little as you want on wedding invitations. And it’s really not so much a matter of what style you choose. No matter what wedding invitation style you decide upon, take advantage of the multiple sources for wedding invitations to find what you feel conveys the overall look and feel of your wedding.

Finding something that fits your taste and your budget won’t be difficult, either-just be sure to shop around.

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