Wedding Invitation Wording Samples – Unique And Elegant

Unique And Elegant Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

Wedding invitation wordings are mainly used to convey your message that you are getting married and therefore formally request the pleasure of your guests to attend the festivities of your wedding.

There is a particular formula that is applied for writing wedding invitations. Every invite has the name of the bride and groom along with the date of the ceremony and the names of the hosts. A wedding invitation will be incomplete without these three things. Besides, the bride’s name will come first in the invite and the honor of presence of guests is requested at the wedding.

Types of wedding invitation wording

Wedding invitation wordings have different types depending on the type of wedding. For instance, if the wedding vows are to be taken in the church, then you might expect a very formal type of invite. When a wedding takes place outdoors on the beach or in the park, then you can expect informal wedding invitation wording.


In both cases, the wording of the invite will tell the guestswhat type of  attire they need to carry for the big day. Thereare instance when the  required wardrobe is mentioned in theinvite and when its not, the  wordingswill give you a good idea of what to wear.

Another  not so common type of wedding invitation is personalized one. As the  name indicates, itincludes wordings that are the result of creative ideas from the coupleor the host.

A personalized wedding invitation is cherished for a long time by the guests.

Wedding Invitation Wording Samples For Different Wedding Themes

Exsample 1 Bride And Groom Inviting

wedding invitation wording samples informal

Exsample 2 Bride And Groom Inviting

If you ever wondered how to make your invites unique and original this wedding invitation wording is a great example of how to structure your invites.

wedding invitation wording samples informal

Exsample 3 Bride’s Parents Inviting

wedding invitation wording samples informal

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